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Purpose of Test

Your brain produces a hormone called adrenocorticotropic which regulated the control of steroid hormone cortisol released from the adrenal gland. The purpose of this test is to check the level and amount of this test in your blood, as regulation of cortisol hormone is completely dependent on it which is an essential hormone.
As different labs use different specimens and characteristics for your blood examination for this test, the result may vary from laboratory to laboratory. It is generally noted that normal result for this test ranges from 9 to 52 og/ml.
Reasons Behind Abnormal Results
Abnormal test result (a higher rate than required) will indicate the following conditions listed as:-

  • Adrenal glands have stopped producing enough cortisol and hormones are producing too much cortisol.
  • The pituitary gland is producing unnecessary extra ACTH or is not producing the required ACTH.

The tumor of the adrenal is producing too much ACTH.

How Test Performed

Like various another test, in this test also a blood sample is taken out from your body to check for the level of adernocorticotropic hormone in your blood. The sample is tested in laboratory depending on which the result is taken which may be normal or abnormal indicating the lack of adernocortropic hormone in the blood.

This test is mainly done early in the morning as the rate of this hormone varies whole day which may produce an error in test results.

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