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Purpose of Test

Cholesterol alone is a component of lipid profile which helps in examining heart diseases. Excessive cholesterol hardens the arteries and becomes the major cause of many heart diseases. Hence, it is necessary to control the level of cholesterol in the body. The purpose of this test is to know the level of cholesterol and check for heart diseases in the patient’s body.
The normal result may vary among different laboratories. However, generally the normal result for the total cholesterol should not exceed the value 200mg/dL.
Reasons Behind Abnormal Results

If the value of the results exceeds the normal values then this may be harmful for the patient and may be due to the following causes:-

    • Smoking , tobacco and alcohol consumption
    • High fatty food and sodium salts
    • Lack of exercise and healthy appetite.

    How Test Performed

    The test is performed by taking blood sample of the patient which is later on examined and tested under the observation of expert. The patient may be asked to fast for at least 12 hours before the test, this is the reason why this test is done usually early morning and empty stomach to get accurate results.

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