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Purpose of Test

Estrogen is an important hormone in a woman’s body which helps in ovulation. It is composed of three hormones out of which one is E2 estradiol hormone. This test is performed to know the level of E2 in a woman’s body to know various metabolic activities like menstruation, ovulation and pregnancy.
The result depends on the number of factors like age and sex. It also varies from woman to woman of the same age depending on the pregnancy.  According to this analysis it is concluded that whether the results are normal or abnormal.
Reasons Behind Abnormal Results

Abnormal results will indicate the following problems or diseases:-

  • Early puberty or tumors in ovarian glands due to due to increased E2 in woman and girls.
  • Enlarged breasts or delayed puberty in men.

How Test Performed

For this test the blood sample of the patient is taken which is then tested and examined in the lab. The sample is examined with the help of various specimens under the observation of expert to get the accurate results. The patient may or may not be asked to fast before the test hence doctor’s advice is a must.

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