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Purpose of Test

Interferon Gamma Release Assays i.e IGRAS measures the level of immune reactivity of a person to mycobacterium tuberculosis infection. It thus helps in detecting the tuberculosis infection in our body. Tuberculosis infection is very harmful and dangerous indicating the importance and need of this test.
The normal results of this test are negative indicating that no TB germs are present in your body and you are safe from any TB infections.
Reasons Behind Abnormal Results

If your test reports are positive then it shows that you are suffering from TB or your body is infected with tuberculosis germs. This condition is harmful and may lead to following conditions:-

  • Your body may lose immunity of fighting against infections and would be more susceptible of getting infected.
  • Your TB germs may become active any time infecting your metabolic activities.
  • You may often fall sick.

How Test Performed

For performing this test the blood sample of a patient is taken which is then examined in the laboratory. Intake of few substances may alter the result because of which it is suggested to take doctor’s advice before going for this test. It will examine that whether the TB germs are present or not in your body.

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