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Purpose of Test

Our pancreas release an enzyme called lipase which absorbs the fat produced in our body. As this enzyme absorbs the extra fat it protects us from various heart diseases and so knowing the level of this enzyme is important. This test helps us in determining the level of this lipase enzyme.
The range for normal value may vary slightly amongst different laboratories. However, generally the normal range for this test is considered to be 0 to 160 units per liter.
Reasons Behind Abnormal Results

If the results are higher than the expected range then are said to be abnormal. The abnormal results may be due to or may cause the following complications:-

  • Bowel obstruction or duodenal ulcer
  • Infection in pancreas or swelling of pancreas
  • Pancreatic Cancer

How Test Performed

This test is performed by taking out some blood from the patient’s body as sample which is further examined and tested in the lab. Many medicines are present which can alter the results of the test hence the doctor may ask patient to avoid the intake of few medicines a few hours before the test. This will help in getting accurate test results.

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