MPS Test

Collection from Noida & Indirapuram, Ghaziabad

Purpose of Test

Our body may get infected and attacked by parasitic infection which may harm our body. The malaria peripheral test is performed in order to diagnose such problems and diseases in out body. It also helps to evaluate febrile disease of unknown origin. Hence, this is an important test.
If the reports are negative then this means that the results are normal and the patient is free from parasitic infection.
Reasons Behind Abnormal Results

Positive reports mean abnormal results which may be due to the following complications or may cause the following complications:-

  • High fever, chills and sweats
  • Body aches and weakness
  • Anemia or liver diseases

How Test Performed

The test is performed by the simple blood test technique where the patient’s blood sample is taken out and is examined through various specimens in the lab to check for malaria. The patient may be asked to fast before going for the test hence doctor’s advice is a must. In the lab microscopic examination of thin smears present in the blood is done.

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