Platelet Count Test

Collection from Noida & Indirapuram, Ghaziabad

Purpose of Test

Our blood is composed of three components which are RBC’s, WBC’s and the platelets. Out of these platelets helps in blood clotting. Lack of platelet may lead to excessive blood loss which will become the reason of many severe diseases. This test is used to calculate the platelet count in the body to see the active platelets in the body. Hence, this is an important test.
The normal count of platelets in the blood is in the range of 150,000 to 400,000. This value may change slightly amongst different labs.
Reasons Behind Abnormal Results

As platelets help in blood clotting it is very necessary that their count should be in the normal range as both their excess and their lack may leave harmful effects on the body.

Low platelet count may be due to their damage in bloodstream or liver, or the bone marrow might not be producing the required number of platelets. High platelet count may be due to low iron or anemia which may even cause cancer.

How Test Performed

This test is performed by taking a blood sample of the patient which is then tested and examined in the lab. This test does not require any prior preparations and the patient is generally not asked to fast before the test.

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