Prolactin-Level Test

Collection from Noida & Indirapuram, Ghaziabad

Purpose of Test

Our pituitary gland releases a hormone called prolactin. By doing this test we know the level or amount of prolactin present in the body. Abnormal level indicates that pituitary gland is not functioning properly. Hence, this is an important test which will help the doctor to diagnose the working and functioning of pituitary gland.

The normal prolactin values vary according to the person’s age and gender as mentioned below:-

  • In males, the normal level ranges from 2 to 18 ng/mL.
  • In non-pregnant females, this value ranges from 2 to 29 ng/mL whereas in pregnant women, it changes to 10 to 209 ng/mL.

Reasons Behind Abnormal Results

The abnormal values that mean either high or low prolactin values may be present due to following reasons:-

  • Chest wall injury or irritation
  • Kidney diseases or hypothyroidism
  • Consumptions of antidepressants or reserpine

How Test Performed

There are no special preparations which are needed before the test. In this test blood sample of the patient is taken which is then tested to examine the level and amount of prolactin present in the blood. The blood is taken out through a common method of venipuncture.

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