Testosterone Levels Test

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Purpose of Test

The sex organ testicle of our body produces a sex hormone which is called testosterone. This hormone is important for the proper physical and sexual development of our body. The purpose of the testosterone test is to measure the level of this hormone in our body. This hormone test early puberty and other factors and hence is an important test.

The normal result varies according to the age and sex of a person. A 10-13 year male should have the level from 7-800 ng/dL whereas 19 years plus should have it ranging from 240-950 ng/dL.

On the other hand in a woman, this level is from 7-75ng/dL and 8-60 ng/dL respectively.

Reasons Behind Abnormal Results

Abnormal test results may indicate the following conditions:-

  • Low level of testosterone may lead to reduced sexual desires.
  • Fewer spontaneous erections or erections disorders in the male.
  • Infertility or other sexual problems in females.

How Test Performed

For this test, the blood sample of the patient is taken. The presence of few components in the blood may alter the results of the test. Hence, a patient should consult a doctor before going through this test and should not intake certain contents as prescribed by the doctor for the accurate result of the test. The blood sample will be examined in the lab through various chemicals and specimens to get the true level of testosterone in the bloodstream.

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