TSH Test

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Purpose of Test

Our pituitary gland produces this hormone known as the thyroid stimulating hormone. This hormone regulates the amount of thyroid hormone by instructing the thyroid gland the amount of thyroid hormone needs to be produced. Hence, as it helps in smooth regulation and production of thyroid hormone it is necessary to know the amount of thyroid stimulating a hormone in the body.
The normal value of TSH ranges from 0.4 to 4.0 mili international units per liter. Like every other test this range may vary for different laboratories and experts.
Reasons Behind Abnormal Results

Abnormal results mean that either your body contains too much or very less amount of TSH. Abnormal results will indicate the following conditions:-

  • A Higher level indicates that you may be suffering from a disease called hypothyroidism, which may be a result of the less reactive thyroid gland.
  • If your thyroid gland is over reactive than you will have lower levels of TSH which can cause grave diseases or goiter diseases. Excessive iodine in the body is also a result of this.

How Test Performed

The test is performed by taking a blood sample of the patient which is later on examined and tested to know the level of TSH in the blood. There is no prior preparation before the test but you may be asked to exclude few medicines from your diet before you go for the test.

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