Albumin Test

Collection from Noida & Indirapuram, Ghaziabad

Purpose of Test

Our liver makes a substance called as albumin which helps in growth and development of tissue. It also repairs the tissues formed. It is thus an important substance of our body. Our body also produces a waste product called as creatinine which the excretory system filters. Both this tests are done simultaneously and their ratio is calculated in this test.
Low albumin to creatinine ratio indicates that very less amount of albumin is present in your urine and large amount of creatinine is secreted. This means that the patient is fit and healthy and the results are normal.

Reasons Behind Abnormal Results

Abnormal results indicate the following diseases or complications:-

  • The patient might be suffering from diabetes, high blood pressure or other kidney diseases.
  • The kidney might not be functioning properly
  • Suffering from fever, infection or high blood pressure

How Test Performed

No special preparations are required prior to the test. Foe performing this test the urine sample of patient is taken which is further tested and examined in the laboratory. The urine sample is examined with the help of various specimens to know the albumin and creatinine level and their ratio.

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